Goodpack and Bridgestone establish more efficient and sustainable supply chain solutions for the Japanese Rubber and Tyre industry.

A global supply chain solution provider Goodpack starts to provide its pallet-sized reusable MB9 containers to the leading Japanese tyre maker Bridgestone to help drive sustainable supply chain management for its business in Japan.

Goodpack provides cost-efficient, safe, and sustainable packaging solutions on a pay-per-use basis for shipping and storage of goods globally.

Its MB9 container model, which has been specifically designed for the Japanese rubber and tyre market, offers a 4-way forklift entry for safe and optimized handling, removable sidewalls for convenient product discharge, a rugged build for product protection, and dimensions that enable most efficient storage and transport solutions.
These attributes prompted Bridgestone to adopt the MB9 container for its rubber supply chain operations in Japan.

“We are very excited to help Bridgestone integrate more sustainability into its supply chain with our pay-per-use packaging solution,” commented Eric Grégoire, CEO of Goodpack. “We look forward to leveraging our expertise and supply chain resilience to further support Bridgestone to not only deliver additional time and cost savings via more efficient storage, shipping and handling operations, but also reduce CO2 impact through reusable circular packaging. In addition, we are excited to leverage our digital technology and supply chain insights to help Bridgestone identify and address supply chain improvement opportunities for most optimized inventory and working capital costs”.

As part of its service offering, Goodpack collects the containers – emptied of payload from the final end user locations – cleans and re-positions to the delivery locations where the containers are deployed for the next usage.
Over their entire longevity, Goodpack MB9containers can be reused many times over many years, making them a highly sustainable and durable transport solution.

In addition, the MB9 containers can be stacked in optimal configurations, offering better volume management during transport and storage. This further contributes to lower CO2 emissions per ton transported that Goodpack clients can claim as part of a successful sustainability strategy. “As more and more companies adopt reusable container solutions,” CEO Grégoire explains, “we can look forward to helping many more clients to make a tangible and constructive contribution to our global climate.” 

About Us

Goodpack offers cost-efficient, safe and sustainable packaging solutions for shipping and storage. Its global network offers experienced specialists, service operations, and storage locations spread across 6 continents, dedicated to simplifying and optimizing supply chain processes.
After being engaged in global supply chain operations for more than 30 years, Goodpack has a suite of ready-built solutions to solve your supply chain challenges. The global supply chain solution provider manages over 5,000 global delivery and collection points with the largest fleet of 4.3 million reusable pallet-sized containers moving over 7 million payload tons across the globe per year.

About Bridgestone

Bridgestone is a global leader in tires and rubber building on its expertise to provide solutions for safe and sustainable mobility. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company employs approximately 130,000 people globally and conducts business in more than 150 countries and territories worldwide. Bridgestone offers a diverse product portfolio of premium tires and advanced solutions backed by innovative technologies, improving the way people around the world move, live, work and play.

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