Webinar April 20th, 2023: The Future of Packaging – Automotive Industry

With the growing awareness and importance of sustainability, people are moving towards a greener end-to-end supply chain. We want to and we can support you with that.

In this 45-minute live webinar, find out more about Goodpack’s sustainable packaging solutions in a supply chain, benefitting the environment and you!

About us – Goodpack is a cost efficient, safe, and sustainable packaging solution for shipping and storage.

About our speakers – industry experts who will guide you through the process and allow you to better understand how we can support you in the automotive industry.

To register, click https://forms.gle/rwxygNPSzB8s39Xq6

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Goodpack is a world leader in the provision of supply chain solutions enabled by a network of strategically located global depots and fleets of reusable metal containers. Goodpack is an innovator in developing safe, sustainable and cost-efficient transportation and storage solutions for challenging payloads, including natural and synthetic rubber, food and liquids and specialty industrial goods such as automotive components and tires.

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