Mitigating Dynamic Market Conditions with Digital Supply Chains

Now that we are well into 2023, supply chain leaders across the globe will be working hard to realize their strategies and budgets for the year. Conflicts and market volatility mean that strategies focused on enhancing supply chain resilience would spearhead efforts to tackle disruptions and the attendant cost pressures.

Customer engagement and innovation

Today, cost-efficiency, transparency and agility are fundamental elements of a resilient supply chain. To realize this, organizations are implementing digital solutions to gain greater visibility of their supply chain. At Goodpack, we have integrated digital tools within our IBC solutions to enable tracking and tracing of customer shipments. Through our digitally driven solutions, we provide business with key competitive advantages, including:

  • Data and visibility via end-to-end cost analysis for each and every consignment to identify savings and ease operational, administrative and manpower exigencies.
  • Bar codes and RFID tags on containers for shipment tracking and tracing to provide greater visibility as well as security throughout the supply chain.
  • Transparent monitoring and management of pay-per-use contracts supported by reporting options and critical container-specific data through a self-service intuitive customer portal.

Customer engagement and innovation

As economic and geopolitical headwinds are expected in the future, it is certain that the global supply chain is due for a period of unpredictability and cost volatility. Organizations and businesses will naturally be concerned about mitigating these disruptions and managing cost fluctuations to remain nimble and profitable. Goodpack works with customers to drive better control and mitigation through increased visibility of customer supply chains. Interconnected and intelligent processes, together with data collection and utilization at every stage of the supply chain, enables high levels of collaboration between producers, shippers and end users. This allows businesses to react swiftly to adverse market conditions, as digital supply chains help them leverage available data to make more well-founded business decisions. Realizing supply chain resilience, while being customer-centric, is now a reality for customers through Goodpack’s digital solutions.

RFID tags and bar codes on every Goodpack IBC container increase trade lane transparency and security.

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