Goodpack’s innovative storage and packaging solution for safe and efficient shipping of tomato products

The TOMATOCUBE™ stands out as one of the most innovative supply chain solutions for perishables / fresh food businesses looking to ship products, especially tomatoes, around the world. Besides its handling efficiencies, safety standards and cost-saving advantages, the TOMATOCUBE™ has documented lowest carbon footprint and environmental impact which is critical to building sustainable supply chains.

An alarming 50 million to 75 million tons of tomatoes are wasted every year in the upstream supply chain, revealed a study by Mckinsey. When shipping perishables / fresh food, supply chain challenges amplify due to susceptibility for damage and contamination. This is particularly true for tomatoes where perishability control gets compromised due to improper packaging, and handling, among others.

These concerns increase the urgency for solutions that not only protect against physical damage but also deliver shipments efficiently and safely. After working closely with leaders from the tomato industry, Goodpack introduced the TOMATOCUBE™, an innovative storage and packaging solution. This is specifically designed to meet the stringent handling and shipping requirements of our industry customers.  

Built to protect and meet safety standards.

Goodpack’s TOMATOCUBE™ is a storage and transportation solution that helps global tomato producers improve supply chain efficiencies, reduce costs, minimize contamination risk and contribute to sustainability.

Our robust TOMATOCUBE™ containers are built with high tensile galvanized steel and have a loading capacity of approximately 1.65 MT/1,250 litres. It’s designed to be fitted with a hygienic food-grade barrier or non-barrier aseptic bladder making it ideal for a wide range of aseptic products, including diced tomatoes, tomato paste and a range of juice concentrates and purees.  

These attributes make the TOMATOCUBE™ ideal for helping the global tomato industry meet strict food handling safety standards such as HACCP. In addition, it also supports our customers’ efforts in meeting critical environmental standards such as ISPM 15 and ISO 14000.

Convenient and flexible handling

In terms of handling, the TOMATOCUBE™ can be easily lifted by forklifts thanks to its four-way entry features and stacked up to five units high when laden. Like other Goodpack solutions, the TOMATOCUBE™ offers reduced space needed for storage and transportation, which can lower costs even further.

The TOMATOCUBE™ is also RFID-enabled for shipment visibility and traceability, which provides customers with a holistic view of their supply chain and the ability to mitigate any potential anomalies.

Solution designed for significant cost savings.

The TOMATOCUBE™ is offered on a pay-per-use basis to help customers reduce CAPEX or OPEX expenses, which are often excessive if they own and manage them.

It is reusable and comfortably fits into standard shipping containers to optimize space. This reduces reliance on single-use packaging such as wooden pallets, metal drums and cardboard – creating a more sustainable supply chain – while assuring customers that they won’t pay to ship air.

Goodpack operates in more than 80 countries, making it extremely convenient for businesses to choose the TOMATOCUBE™, which is delivered, collected, and managed throughout their supply chain. This arrangement is ideal for businesses dealing with volume fluctuations in the seasonal produce shipping cycle.

About Us

Goodpack is the world’s largest provider of reusable metal containers on a pay-per-use basis to companies transporting their valuable payloads globally by road, rail, or sea.

We are committed to creating circular supply chains with our customers in leading sectors like Rubber, Chemical, Automotive, Food and Beverage and Consumer Goods. Our intelligent fleet of 4.3 million IBCs are spread across 5000 delivery and collection points worldwide.

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