Creating sustainable value for customers

Goodpack’s supply chain solutions enable businesses to derive more value while furthering global efforts for greater sustainability. Driven by our circular supply chain model and desire to drive businesses towards adopting circular supply chain solutions, we not only aim to help businesses become more agile, efficient, and, ultimately, more profitable, but also lessen the environmental impact of their supply chains. Our reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are at the forefront of enabling the worldwide shift to more environmentally friendly processes, alongside building more resilient, proactive, and cost-efficient supply chains.

As we continue to take steps to drive sustainability for ourselves and for our customers over the last couple of years, we have learnt that this challenge is not equal for all. In a time of such uncertainty, and increasing speculation about an (impending) recession, businesses have tightened their spend and are moving along with caution. With that said, we can’t “pause” our sustainability goals, can we?

This raises a question: how can you decarbonize without increasing your spending? The suggested approach for the supply chain industry for example is moving towards electric trucks, trains or carriers, renewal energy, and e-fuels. While these options are great, they increase operating costs in the short term. At a time like this, can businesses afford this?  

One area that is often overlooked is packaging solutions during transportation. *Studies have shown better optimization and packaging can reduce your footprint. The additional benefit is that this does not necessarily have to come with increased costs.  

Goodpack’s solutions are designed to drive businesses towards adopting circular supply chains. This helps create more agile and scalable supply chains that drive lasting growth. Businesses can realize this through our robust reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) that are built for varying payloads and fit snugly into standard shipping containers to optimize space and minimize waste.

Additionally, our containers are self-stacking and do not require special racking or dedicated warehouse space. This saves huge capital costs by not having to build ad-hoc or bespoke structures.

Through our global network of over 5,000 delivery and collection points, our customers do not have to worry about sourcing and packaging disposal.

Our trusted solution offerings facilitate and enhance your supply chain and help you meet your ESG goals.

*Goodpack carried out an ISO certified Lifecycle Assessment to better understand its solution benefits.

About Us

Goodpack is the world’s largest provider of reusable metal containers on a pay-per-use basis to companies transporting their valuable payloads globally by road, rail, or sea.

We are committed to creating circular supply chains with our customers in leading sectors like Rubber, Chemical, Automotive, Food and Beverage and Consumer Goods. Our intelligent fleet of 4.3 million IBCs are spread across 5000 delivery and collection points worldwide.

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