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Creating Circular Supply Chains

Established in 1980, we are the world’s first and largest provider of reusable pallet-sized intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) on a pay-per-use basis to companies transporting valuable payloads globally by road, rail, or sea.

We are committed to Creating Circular Supply Chains with our customers in leading markets such as Rubber, Chemicals, Automotive, Food products and many more.

Our intelligent fleet of 4+ million pallet-sized containers are spread across over 5,000 delivery and collection points worldwide.

We help our customers save supply chain costs, improve operations, reduce inventory, damages and meet environmental goals.

While our customers see the excellence we deliver with our containers in transport and storage services, the company has two additional critical layers.

The first is a constantly evolving global network of storage, pick-up, and delivery points, and the second is a highly complex multi-period planning engine.

This enables our customers to experience our innovative and seamless services, thus ensuring us to remain competitive in the rapidly changing supply chain landscape.

Goodpack Circular Supply Chain Model

Our Value

Goodpack’s value proposition is centred around three key pillars: Resilience, Cost-saving, and Sustainability. These 3 key pillars reflect our commitment to providing customers with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that meet their supply chain needs and requirements.


Over 30 years of experience and professional know-how to optimize your supply chain through a global network of reusable packaging solutions

Product Innovation

Industry & product-agnostic with multiple container models to meet your supply chain needs

Digital Solutions

Seamless and digital customer experience, offering data analytics to drive supply chain optimization

Sustainability & Lifecycle

Reusable pallet-sized metal containers replace single-use alternatives to reduce your CO2 impact

The Goodpack Story & Our Innovation

Goodpack, a leading global supply chain solutions provider, was established in the mid-1980s after a large tire manufacturer mandated a novel packaging requirement for its natural rubber raw material. The packaging solution had to be free from any fibrous material or wood.

Our founder, David Lam (1952 – 2020), who was then involved in natural rubber trading, had witnessed firsthand the problem of wooden splinters and other contaminants piercing bales of natural rubber, causing trouble in production. He knew he had a solution.

The intermediate bulk container (IBC) that emerged from this work became a game changer in the rubber industry. Goodpack’s first commercial container was launched exclusively for the natural rubber industry in 1990, followed by synthetic rubber and later expanded into the food and beverages industry.

The company was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in 2000 and established a new vertical to serve the global components business, predominantly within the automotive sector in 2011. KKR acquired Goodpack in 2014. Today, Goodpack offers innovative, technical design solutions with a range of sustainable container models capable of handling diverse cargo requirements.


Under direction of our Corporate, Regional and Business Vertical leadership, we are constantly fine-tuning our processes, developing new business opportunities and expanding our offering from being world leader in sustainable packaging for shipping and storage to being a fundamental enabler of circular supply chains.

Paving our way on this journey is our Management Team:

Camburn Withers


Peet Leong Kok

Operations & Corporate Functions

Jakob Bergholdt

Chief Financial Officer

Kenneth Hee

Chief Information Officer

Lester Tyra

Chief Human Resources Officer
SVP, Mergers and Acquisitions

Sara Leclerc

Group General Counsel
SVP, Enterprise Risk Management and ESG

Regional units and business verticals

Michael Liew

Regional President, South Asia
Global Business Director, Natural Rubber

Peet Leong Kok

Chief Operating Officer
Global Business Director, Tyres

Chee Heng Sng

Regional President, North East
Global Business Director,
Synthetic Rubber

Sergej Aterley

Regional President, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Pablo Avila

Regional President, Americas


About KKR

Established in 1976, KKR is a leading global investment firm that offers alternative asset management as well as capital markets and insurance solutions. KKR aims to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined investment approach, employing world-class people, and supporting growth in its portfolio companies and communities. KKR sponsors investment funds that invest in private equity, credit and real assets and has strategic partners that manage hedge funds. Goodpack was acquired by a fund managed by KKR in 2014.





Safety, Quality and

Goodpack’s emphasis on Safety, Quality and Delivery (SQD), before Cost and Cash (CC), is the company’s cultural commitment to putting the customer first and enabling a robust supply chain ecosystem.

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Certified Quality: Our Commitment to Excellence

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