Goodpack introduces a Circular Supply Chain model and incentivizes customers to reuse and reduce CO2 impact.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and with our purpose in mind to Create Circular Supply Chains, we want to incentivize and help our customers eliminate waste, lower costs, and further reduce carbon footprint.

Therefore, we have introduced a reusable circular supply chain model. It allows our customers at a low cost to continually reuse our pallet-sized, pay-per-use metal containers without returning them to us.

For example, a tire manufacturer that receives natural or synthetic rubber material in Goodpacks, may seamlessly and efficiently reuse our containers to store or further transport other raw materials and finished goods. Such a circular reusable model eliminates one-time packaging needs, minimizes waste and reduces empty packaging transport. 

We are here to help you lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Our expertise lies in operating more efficiently, while also contributing to a healthier planet.
We are excited to be at the forefront of sustainable supply chain practices to make our planet better, and we look forward to partnering with you to create a more sustainable future.

About Us

Goodpack offers cost-efficient, safe and sustainable packaging solutions for shipping and storage. Its global network offers experienced specialists, service operations, and storage locations spread across 6 continents, dedicated to simplifying and optimizing supply chain processes.
After being engaged in global supply chain operations for more than 30 years, Goodpack has a suite of ready-built solutions to solve your supply chain challenges. The global supply chain solution provider manages over 5,000 global delivery and collection points with the largest fleet of 4.3 million reusable pallet-sized containers moving over 7 million payload tons across the globe per year.

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