Goodpack is leveraging its history as an innovator in packaging and storing some of the world’s most challenging payloads to enable and support the development of the supply chain ecosystem of today – and of the future.

End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

Payload Visibility: Leveraging Digital
  • Online access to order, stock management and KPI tracking
  • RFID-equipped for ease of data capture tracking, extending supply chain visibility to optimize supply chain efficiency and cost
  • Global container positioning allows for shorter lead times and positioning of shipment and product, for just-in-time containers
  • Utilize statistical forecast models with machine learning capabilities to manage and optimize working capital for demand and supply forecasting
  • End-to-End Customer Solution Programs: TrackIT, ScanIT and ContentView (for more information contact Joe Pimenoff, Global Director
Optimized Rental/Lease Period
  • Under a Daily Rate rental agreement, each trip starts with the Goodpack container being delivered to the customer’s specified location and ends with the pick-up of the container by Goodpack at the customer’s consignee.
Partnership Networks
  • Extend supply chain visibility, optimizing efficiency and reducing cost
Land, Sea, Rail Payload Efficiency
  • Accommodates for volume and payload fluctuations
  • Optimized space utilization means less containers and trucks, and substantial reduction in on site storage costs
Patented Container Design
  • Patented
  • Stackable
  • Nestable
  • Collapsible
Global Coverage
  • 4,800 Global Delivery and Collections Points
  • 18 Subsidiaries over Six Continents
  • 80+ Countries with Goodpack Ops
Operational Safety
  • Increased storage density reduces space requirement and simplifies maneuverability in warehouse
  • Cleaner production lines with less packaging waste
  • Standard sizing reduces amount of packaging materials and loading/ unloading times
  • Less product damage during shipping
  • Collapsible and stackable containers reduce on-site storage costs and overall packaging handling throughout the supply chain
  • Reduced manpower requirement lowers headcount costs
  • Maximum usage of container with higher utilization inventory tracking
  • Empty containers are quickly repositioned to customer’s use
Reduced Capital Spend & Supply Chain Costs
  • Rental system minimizes CAPEX and end-user cost for labor, storage and disposal
  • On-time delivery and cycle-time improvement from source of supply to consumption with Goodpack’s global network
  • Less time sourcing and obtaining packaging, flexible rental options with no capital spend, reduced disposal costs, and reduced custom clearance costs
Environmental, Sustainable & Green
  • Strong and durable, made of solid galvanized steel, Goodpack containers can be used for years with maintained strength
  • Significantly reduced disposable packaging as with other packaging options and efficient onsite storage eliminates the need for additional intermediate packaging and waste
  • Inherently smaller carbon footprint from increased shipping efficiencies and less product waste due to damage in shipping
  • Goodpack’s cleaning process utilizes water reclamation and the containers are fully recyclable once no longer suited for shipment
Expertise in Action
Learn More from our Case Studies on how Goodpack is working with global manufacturers, distributors and end users across a wide range of industries to develop end-to-end transport and storage solutions.

Consumer Goods:
Global consumer goods company incorporates Goodpack solutions across its supply chain

Ag implement manufacturer controls process & labor costs across supply chain

Systems and processes eliminates uncontrolled container costs

Standardization Improves Efficiency and Reduces Waste

Reducing Storage Requirements and Labor Costs