Targeted solutions for critical industries

With guidance from leaders in the tomato industry, Goodpack developed TOMATOCUBE®, a steel container that helps global producers improve supply chain efficiencies, lower costs and achieve HACCP by eliminating wood contamination.

By designing a solution that directly supports our customers efforts to meet environmental standards such as ISPM 15 and ISO 14000, Goodpack has established itself as a partner in this important food industry

Like many of Goodpack’s customized solutions, the TOMATOCUBE is RFID enabled for greater visibility of your global supply chain and payload management.

The TOMATOCUBE concept

The new Goodpack TOMATOCUBE maximizes efficiency and volume using high tensile galvanized steel, coupled with our global network for delivery and collection, for the most cost-effective and sustainable approach to transporting all types of products.  The TOMATOCUBE has the flexibility of design to be used for a wide range of aseptic products, including diced tomato, tomato paste and a range of juice concentrates and purees. Customized to match existing wood or plastic bin dimensions for a seamless transition throughout the global supply chain.

The TOMATOCUBE is a large container (1.65 MT/1,250 liter) that can be fitted with a hygienic food-grade barrier or non-barrier aseptic bladder. During the emptying process, the TOMATOCUBE can be rotated to empty the product direct into the mixing tank or dump the bag of paste onto a belt for squeezing the paste out of the bag; or the top of the bag can be cut open allowing product to be pumped from the top.

TOMATOCUBE® quick facts

  • A container customized for the tomato industry
  • Galvanized steel construction with Galvalume® sidewalls
  • Suitable for all standard conveyors
  • Metric dimensions: 1,220 x 1,120 x 1,076 (mm)
  • Imperial dimensions: 44 x 48 x 42.5 (inches)
  • Large capacity. 1,250-liter/330-US gallon fill capacity
  • RFID enabled for greater visibility and control of supply chain
  • Reusable, environmentally friendly – Sustainable
  • Cost-efficient

TOMATOCUBE is a registered trademark of Goodpack IBC (Singapore) Pte Ltd.