Goodpack’s fleets of patented galvanized containers can be adapted for a broad range of assets. Working collaboratively with customers Goodpack can design solutions for specific applications. On-going product development programs will continue to expand the depth and breadth of Goodpack’s container portfolio.


  • Customized for the tomato Industry
  • Maximum payload 1,650 kg (3,637 lb)
  • 1220 x 1120 x 1076 (mm),  44 x 48 x 42.5 (")
  • 1,250 liter (330 US gallon) internal volume
  • Equipped with lid and removable sidewalls
  • Laden five-high stacking in static storage
  • Suitable for all standard conveyors
  • RFID-enabled

TYRECUBE® is a container application developed for tyres. It is predominantly used for storing tyres at the manufacturing plant and moving them to a finished goods warehouse for storage. It is also suitable for transporting tyres to distribution centers, domestic and overseas.

TYRECUBE, which is the commercial trademark of the MB5TCE container model, presents increased efficiency, product protection and cost savings for specific tyre categories and general geographic coverage. TYRECUBE is also beneficial for distribution-to-dealer logistics, as well as end-of-life storage of tyres in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The MB5TCE is fundamentally an MB5 equipped with a modified sidewall and 400 mm top extension frame.

  • Collaborative solution by CEVA and Goodpack
  • Transport and warehousing module
  • Complete and robust supply chain solution for the tyre industry
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • With RFID, TYRECUBE® extends digitalization and automation of supply chain