Reducing capital & administrative costs

Customer focused solutions and global partnerships extend supply chain visibility, optimizing efficiency, and reducing cost.

Ensure on-time delivery across the globe and cycle-time improvement from the source of supply to consumption.

Optimized space utilization means fewer containers and trucks and substantial reductions in both transportation and on-site storage costs.

Spend less time sourcing and obtaining packaging, while eliminating capital spend, benefiting from flexible rental options, reducing disposal costs and minimizing custom clearance costs.

The Challenge

How can today’s supply chain executives balance the cost and control challenges of global supplier networks with increased corporate pressures to limit spending while building customer centric relationships.


Our Commitment

Eric Grégoire, CEO
Our Brand Promise

“Goodpack comes to the table with solutions that address the fact that supply chains are becoming more complex, and therefore, more expensive to manage.”


Adding Value

Eliminating cost of non-core activities

Our circular network of returnable containers, global depots and packaging expertise, mitigates the cost of containers, roofline for storage and maintenance, and the headcount required to manage the processes.


In Action


Reducing storage requirement and labor costs

With our partner CEVA, Goodpack developed a unique package solution for large aviation tyres, ensuring proper storage positioning and a shipment plan that reduced both warehouse rental and labor rates.


In Action


Systems and processes eliminates uncontrolled container costs

Goodpack’s ability to provide visibility to a customers containers, and a structured method of tracking and collection reduced capital costs and streamlined internal processes.


In Action

Component Parts

Automotive parts & systems manufacturer saves on storage and transportation costs

Goodpack’s circular, rental model cut costs related to international backhaul and reverse logistics while optimizing storage & transportation processes




ContentView – Cloud-based Visibility

To ensure compliance to international CSR standards, Goodpack’s ContentView provides real-time, systematic tracking of raw materials from "end-to-end" by connecting payload information with container information.



We have a responsibility

Today’s supply chains are global and complex. Oftentimes, Goodpack is the only constant from supplier to packer to distributor. As such, we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental footprint of supply chains around the world with our global sustainable solutions.