End to End Solutions

THE CHALLENGE: End to End Solutions

How can today's supply chain executives look beyond their place in the overall process of sourcing, qualifying, transporting, storing, and handling payloads? It will involve high levels of collaborative thought and action.

More and more, globalization, advanced technologies, and demands for sustainability play increasingly vital roles in the relationship between producers, packagers, and end users. More and more, the concept of customer-centric supply management has become a driving force for change for supply management executives.

Not only are executives are looking for commercial partners that can work collaboratively across the chain they are looking for partners that will commit to becoming interconnected and intelligent. The ability to support end users' efforts to provide immediate and personalized service to their customers will define supply chain relationships of the future.


  • Visibility to logistics providers across the supply chain
  • Agile, on-demand logistics network


  • Proactive redeployment/reconfiguration/divesting of assets
  • Data-driven reverse logistics
  • Network and distribution strategy analysis and modeling

CEO’s Perspective

"The remarkable thing for me about Goodpack is our network and how our efforts to ensure visibility in packaging, transport, and storage - at a very granular level – supports end-to-end supply chain solutions. The fact that we have more than 4 million containers in action at any one time, processing through 5,000 depots in 80 countries indicates that we are one of the few supply chain partners that sees it all. From a village in Indonesia to a modern power plant in Europe to a guava plantation in Honduras to an organic fruit juice producer in New York. In very long and complex global supply chains, Goodpack is often the only constant. In addition to safely storing and transporting our customers' products, we acquire data intelligence on payload origins, shipment tracking, and opportunities for sustainable and affordable reverse logistics. When you think of Goodpack as a way not only as a sustainable method of storing and transporting goods, but also as a way of acquiring information, you can create a tracking solution that informs a lean operation and eliminates useless working capital, and that is very exciting."

Eric Grégoire, CEO Goodpack

ADDING VALUE: Leveraging expertise and creativity across supply chains

Goodpack is embracing the future by investigating and investing in leading-edge technologies to ensure visibility and accountability. Control tower data, blockchain methodologies, real-time cloud data access, and predictive analysis are more than buzzwords to Goodpack's teams of solution providers.

Internet of Things (IoT):

A cloud-based supply chain platform with state-of-the-art order management, freight, and warehousing management solutions, will manage Goodpack's inventory across over 5,000 inventory locations worldwide ensuring global supply and payload tracking.

Balancing Standardization and Custom Solutions

Providing unique packaging solutions while maintaining standardized container dimensions ensures customer-centric solutions as well as optimized packaging densities. As payloads travel across the globe, Goodpack's dunnage experts are finding ways to provide unique packing and storage solutions that optimize its containers for multi-modal shipping while leveraging cost and sustainability advances.

Adaptability and Scalability:

Goodpack has decades of experience working across supply chains and collaborating with suppliers, packagers, and end users. This legacy experience, coupled with our current executive programs with Fortune 500 customers, has established Goodpack as a critical contributor and solutions provider. Our ideas are adaptable and scalable to ensure supply chains at any developmental stage can leverage solutions we've developed across industries and market sectors.


In Action: Consumer Goods

Global consumer goods company incorporates Goodpack solutions across its supply chain

One of the world's most trusted names in consumer goods is relying on Goodpack to help design supply chain solutions that connect the raw material suppliers to the final product manufacturing plants. By working directly with the Company's global procurement team, as well as with product suppliers, Goodpack solutions are:

  • Maintaining the highest levels of food safety standards through the use of containers designed specifically to protect payloads from contamination;
  • Improving operational efficiencies by providing standardized, fully-integrated packaging within the Company's supply chain and manufacturing processes
  • Providing in-field and on-site training for safe handling and program management.

As the customer adopts key process improvements, they are being pushed out to global suppliers, ensuring on-going enhancements across the entire organization.

In Action: Agriculture

Ag implement manufacturer controls process & labor costs across supply chain

A global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of tractors combine harvesters, and hay and forage equipment looked to Goodpack for alternative ways to handle and package transmissions destined for global assembly plants. Current processes were labor intensive and therefore, expensive. Working collaboratively with customer teams in Europe and the United States, Goodpack was able to modify the customer's existing process to ensure simplified handling, optimized stacking, and storage, increased product protection, and enhanced worker safety. An additional, and significant benefit was the fact that the improved process allowed the customer to move the entire packaging process "upstream," simplifying their broader shipping process and saving additional costs across their internal supply chain.

In Action: Inks & Chemicals

Ink manufacturer and distributor reduces cost of internal packaging cycle

One of the worlds' leading ink manufacturers was searching for an internal supply chain solution that would reduce the cost of the packaging sequence of its printing ink on a per kilogram basis. Any process upgrade would impact both packing locations and end user locations. The current state involved ineffective bins that were difficult to handle, load, and unload. The Goodpack container solution eased operations while lowering the carbon footprint of the entire process.


The Forge


The recent opening of Goodpack's global laboratory "The Forge" is an example of our commitment to being an active and creative participant in the supply chain of the future. The Forge is a place where Goodpack can collaborate with industry-leading customers to develop tailored and sustainable physical products. As well, we will focus on developing digital supply chain solutions that will bring data and predictive analysis to the forefront of the packaging, storage, and shipment segment of the global logistics market sector.


Goodpack takes seriously its position as a supply chain partner that is truly end-to-end. We are involved from the village in Indonesia to the modern power plant in Europe; from the guava plantation in Honduras to the organic fruit juice producer in New York. It is a very long and complex global supply chain, and a company like Goodpack is the only constant throughout. Our responsibility to control and manage our carbon footprint is at the foundation of our business.


As globalization begins to drive the success (or failure) of the world's food producers, equipment manufacturers, and industrial complexes, Goodpack provides holistic solutions that will enable the supply chain of the future. In this series, Goodpack addresses the benefits of delivering efficient, integrated, and sustainable supply chain solutions through a network of strategically located global deport and fleets of intelligent, returnable containers. To continue learning about how Goodpack is working with global organizations, please read the other articles in this series:

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