Products & Solutions

  • Largest Fleet, Global Standard: Goodpack offers versatile and sustainable solutions to meet the packaging, transportation and storage needs of your business and products.
  • Our Network, At Your Service: With the world's largest fleet of steel Intermediate Bulk Containers, Goodpack provides services to global core industries at over 4,800 locations worldwide.
  • Hired Locally, Dehire Globally: Goodpack boasts a global network of offices, ensuring that your products are handled safely and efficiently across the world.

More than the sum of its parts

Goodpack’s solution portfolio is greater than the sum of its parts. Multi-modal galvanized steel containers, a digital inventory management system based on scan technology, thousands of global collection and delivery points, and offices worldwide all provide a supply chain system that can be seamlessly integrated into the world’s largest distribution networks.

Supply Chain Solutions

Through partnerships and networking Goodpack delivers end-to-end solutions that ensure visibility and control of assets as they make their way around the world to service and support its customer’s goals.

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Galvanized Steel Containers

Goodpack’s fleets of patented galvanized containers are collapsible, stackable and nestable. Constructed to ensure protection against fire, shocks, flooding and contaminents, they are also quick, easy and safe to set up and knock down by a single individual.

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Goodpack’s fleets of patented galvanized containers can be adapted for a broad range of assets. Working collaboratively with customers Goodpack can design solutions for specific applications. On-going product development programs will continue to expand the depth and breadth of Goodpack’s container portfolio.

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Targeted Value Propositions

Global industries are rapidly adopting digital solutions to optimize operations, lower costs and reduce their environmental impact. Goodpack solutions not only supports these goals but focuses on providing targeted solutions to address each of these goals.

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