Goodpack Partnerships Working Together to Enable the Ecosystem of the Future

Goodpack shares your vision of pro-active, cost-conscious supply chain solutions. We believe that through structured partnerships we can optimize our commitment to the highest levels of quality and service while supporting your efforts to ensure safe, sustainable shipping logistics. Goodpack is proud to launch our Premier Platinum Partner Program. Each program plan guarantees our partners carefully crafted delivery, quality, pricing and engagement options to ensure your plan specifically addresses your current and future needs.

Premier Platinum Partner
  • You and your teams are entrusted to move tons of payload worth millions of dollars annually, usually into global markets that require depot services around the world or highly serviced areas in specific regions.
  • On time delivery and accessible inventory is critical and so when you need it, you expect immediate personal service.
  • Your team sees the value in negotiating longer term contracts with dedicated account management and a personal, regularly scheduled connection to Goodpack’s executive team.
  • Your innovative approach to business systems and structures allow you to collaborate on leading edge ideas related to customized containers and technology solutions such as digitization, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), that will take your company into the future as a leader In your industry.
  • You and your team value the flexibility of negotiating a customized service plan, with various incentive programs, as long as it doesn’t impact deliveries.
  • You realize the value of quarterly meetings with Goodpack’s account management team and annual reviews to evaluate performance and new requirements.
  • Access to Goodpack’s executive team, when required, ensures enduring value.
  • You and your executive teams see the changes happening in your industry related to containers and the technology that tracks performance, and sees benefit in the advice an innovative partner like Goodpack brings to the table.
  • You and your team value the consistency in quality and service Goodpack provides.
  • You’ve established standardized pricing models that support the bulk of your requirements, but the availability of custom pricing provides a level of compromise required to manage day to day shifts in your market.
  • Annual plan reviews produce just the right level of guidance to ensure your payloads are shipped safely, clean and on-time.
  • When your team requires additional services you know that is a call away Goodpack with solutions and proven service.
  • Your team benefits from Goodpack’s high standards in terms, delivery, quality and pricing.
  • You have a great relationship with Goodpack’s regional business development and sales teams and know they are there when needed.
  • When your business experience changes or faces unusual pressures and deadlines, you are confident in Goodpack’s reputation for product integrity and service excellence.

Letter from the CEO:

Dear Premier Platinum Partner,

It is with great pleasure that we share our quality and service promise with you through this token of our partnership. Goodpack is committed to delivering value to you through our unique Premier Platinum Partner Program, efficient supply chain solutions, and fleets of intelligent returnable containers.

As a Premier Platinum Partner, we guarantee you will receive delivery priorities, regular stewardship reviews, dedicated account management, and senior level engagements. We look forward to our long-term successful partnership with you.

Eric Gregoire