As Goodpack moves towards its goal of establishing an end-to-end supply chain solution, it relies on the experience, talents and commitment of its Executive and Senior Leadership Team. Led by Eric Grégoire, the team is transforming Goodpack from its current role as a world leader in transport packaging to its future as an enabler of a global supply chain ecosystem.


Eric Grégoire

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Alexander Tan

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Peet Leong Kok

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kenneth Hee

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Sara Leclerc

Group General Counsel

VP Enterprise Risk Management and CSR

Regional & Business Unit

Peet Leong Kok

Chief Operating Officer
Global Business Director, TYRECUBETM

Michael Liew

Deputy CEO
President, South Asia
Global Business Director, Natural Rubber

Cam Withers

President, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Global Business Director, Food
London, UK

Lester Tyra

President, North and Central America
Sr. VP, Sales Operations & Marketing
Houston, Texas

Mario Barrio Argentti

President, South America
Global Business Director, Global Components
Barcelona, Spain

Chee Heng Sng

President, North East Asia
Global Business Director, Synthetic Rubber
Shanghai, China