Goodpack is a world leader in the packaging and transportation of natural and synthetic rubber.

Packaging and Transporting Synthetic Rubber
Goodpack's containers are the dominant packaging solution for synthetic rubber for producers around the world. Proven for SBR, Butyl, PBR and EPDM, Goodpack’s MB5 Container protects the rubber in transit, reducing contamination and product loss. There is no risk of contamination by wood or wood chips and no requirement for fumigation.

A removable wall allows discharge to be completed, one bale at a time, with a lifting arm. The enclosed fork slots allow the box to be rotated for quick discharge of all bales. The hinged walls enable easy knockdown and stacking of the empty containers for return and reuse.

Packaging and Transporting Natural Rubber
Natural rubber can also be quickly and easily discharged by direct or by rotational discharge. Natural rubber packed in Goodpack containers stay in shape, providing unhindered access to the product and saving material handling time. Goodpack’s ability to accommodate high-level payload compression optimizes contamination-free transport.

Innovation in Action
TYRECUBE™, is a storage and transportation solution that benefits every link in the supply chain from the producers of raw rubber, to tyre manufacturers and ultimately automotive OEMs.

Developed as a strategic alliance between Goodpack and CEVA Logistics, a leader in supply chain logistics, TYRECUBE integrates the advantages of an intelligent returnable container with digitalization, data acquisition and track & trace capabilities.

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Synthetic and natural
High-level compression optimizes space usage
Minimized contamination risk