Goodpack sues supplier CIMC Transpack in spat over intellectual property.

Singapore, 7 July 2023, 07:59 am – We refer to the article titled “Goodpack sues supplier CIMC Transpack in spat over intellectual property” published in The Business Times on 6 July 2023, which reports that Goodpack has filed a suit against companies of the CIMC Transpack group to protect its intellectual property and technology, in response to queries received following the publication of the abovementioned Business Times article.

As the largest provider of pay-per-use reusable metal containers globally, Goodpack has maintained a longstanding track record of reliably delivering circular supply chain solutions for our clients around the world to drive their business growth sustainably. We remain committed and well placed to continue helping our customers meet their business needs.

We do not expect the proceedings to disrupt our operations. Goodpack has a robust and diversified container supplier network that supports the reliable and undisrupted delivery of solutions for our customers around the world.

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About Goodpack

Goodpack is the world’s largest provider of reusable metal containers on a pay-per-use basis to companies transporting their valuable payloads globally by road, rail, or sea.

We are committed to creating circular supply chains with our customers in leading sectors like Rubber, Chemical, Automotive, Food and Beverage and Consumer Goods. Our intelligent fleet of 4.3 million containers are spread across 5000 delivery and collection points worldwide.

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